MIXTURE by Joey Stuckey – All the Charts


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If you’ve heard any of the tracks from this album [which topped out at #9 on the CMJ Jazz chart in 2013], you already know that it’s full of interesting music.

…and if you’ve ever wanted to PLAY these tunes, here’s your chance! The zip file contains PDFs of all the tunes on the album – both for C AND Bb instruments. MOST of the tunes ALSO have a chart for Eb instruments as well.

If you’ve never heard MIXTURE, it’s time you checked it out on Amazon, CDbaby, Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora. All the links are over at http://JoeyStuckey.Blogspot.com!

Note: “Chart form” means this is not traditional sheet music / piano music notation. CLICK HERE to see what means.

Second Note: If you record one of our tunes, PLEASE let us know! We’d like to hear it! Both Joey and Tom are teachers as well as musicians……

Third Note: G#. Maybe Eb.

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