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MacMusicGuy.com is the place to find music by Tom Rule. Tom writes and records piano and multi-keyboard music – but he also has music here by the band and even charts and sheet music for a variety of situations [from piano teaching and performing to low brass duets]…and don’t forget about the Choir Practice tracks that are available!

HOP SKIP for Low Brass Duet

CLICK ME to order your copy!

HopSkip cover


Hop Skip is a perky little tune for low brass duet. The package includes 3 different keys – Bb, C, and D major – and there are three lines on the chart – Tuba, plus both treble and bass clef baritone parts.

ALSO included are MP3 practice tracks – one with with both parts, and then files with JUST the tuba part and one with JUST the baritone/trombone part.

If you do perform this, please let me know! It would  be cool to know someone enjoyed something I wrote!



“Storm” from Accessible Depth – MP3/Chart bundle

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Storm cover

accessible depth - keyboard music by Tom RuleStorm has been a favorite among my audience for a while now. It **is** a nice tune, if I do say so myself and shouldn’t!

Click the graphic above to pick up your copy of the chart AND the MP3 from the album Accessible Depth.

If you learn it, and especially if you perform it or post it somewhere online, please let me know. I’d like to see it or hear it!


Below is a “live” performance recorded down at ShadowSound studio for the local TV station here. Sadly, it aired well before 6 AM!

[youtube http://youtu.be/y2Aovk-PGiY]

Too Pooped to Bop – Chart from Joey Stuckey’s album MIXTURE


Click the graphic to place your order!

Click the graphic to place your order!

Click the graphic to place your order!

The Chart for the tune “Too Pooped to Bop” from Joey Stuckey’s album MIXTURE. It’s a quick uptempo snappy happy tune that makes feet tap all over the room.

If you haven’t heard MIXTURE, you really should check it out on Pandora, Spotify, CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. See the links over at http://JoeyStuckey.blogspot.com.

The package includes versions for C, Bb, and Eb instruments.

MIXTURE by Joey Stuckey – All the Charts


Click the graphic to order your copy!

If you’ve heard any of the tracks from this album [which topped out at #9 on the CMJ Jazz chart in 2013], you already know that it’s full of interesting music.

…and if you’ve ever wanted to PLAY these tunes, here’s your chance! The zip file contains PDFs of all the tunes on the album – both for C AND Bb instruments. MOST of the tunes ALSO have a chart for Eb instruments as well.

If you’ve never heard MIXTURE, it’s time you checked it out on Amazon, CDbaby, Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora. All the links are over at http://JoeyStuckey.Blogspot.com!

Note: “Chart form” means this is not traditional sheet music / piano music notation. CLICK HERE to see what means.

Second Note: If you record one of our tunes, PLEASE let us know! We’d like to hear it! Both Joey and Tom are teachers as well as musicians……

Third Note: G#. Maybe Eb.

We’re baaaaaaack!


After a long search – done in between other projects, recordings, jobs, and miscellaneous other Life parts.

You’ll see MP3s, sheet music, and charts being added to the site on a semi-regular basis for a while.

Keep an eye out, now, ya’ hear?